Thursday, July 30, 2020


Ofcom got some newspaper pick-up for its latest research report "An exploration of people’s relationship with PSB, with a particular focus on the views of young people".

The Mail went with "BBC shows fail to provide 'watercooler moments' for youngsters who switch to Netflix due to the 'talkability factor' of its programmes, Ofcom report finds". The Telegraph said "BBC ‘failing to create watercooler moments’ for young audiences, says Ofcom".

Sadly, I can't find the word "watercooler" in the report; or in an accompanying report from Kantar Media. 

The 'young people' market research was conducted by Jigsaw - "an international strategic insight agency, with an exclusively senior team. We bring a nuanced understanding to the complex issues our clients face."  They talked to 174 people across the UK in a combination of 'mini-group sessions' (that's focus groups in old money) and 'in-home immersion interviews' (interviews lasting 1 hour 15 minutes). 

That's the way to shape the future of public service broadcasting, eh ?

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