Monday, January 16, 2017

Comb over

If you notice a slight buzzing sound in BBC tv programmes from late 2017, it's down to the developers who have set up a bee colony on the roof of Studio TC1.

Double your money

Mildly entertained that the BBC is looking to appoint an extra person to man mark Ofcom. The new Head of Regulation and Economics will "work with the Director, Policy, to build an efficient and effective relationship between the BBC and Ofcom in relation to the regulation of the activities of the BBC, as set out in the new Charter and Framework Agreement".

The quality of the relationship is already at risk. Ofcom thinks it needs 77 people to handle the BBC account - setting service licences, handling complaints etc. The BBC Trust, which employed some 63 people last year, says only 35 of them were "regulatory", and they only cost £3.8m a year. The Daily Telegraph says Ofcom wants £9m pa to do the job. It matters 'cos it all comes out of the licence fee.

Final ?

A standard-issue Countryfile (not hugely expensive apart from Adam's jaunt to New Zealand) topped the Sunday night overnight ratings, with 6.74m viewers (32.2% share) for BBC1.

I think the boredom of sitting through Still Open All Hours (writer Roy Clarke hits his 87th birthday later this month) plus the need to wait for the 9pm watershed dented Sherlock, with a drop this week to 5.93m (27.2%). The general furore over the The Final Problem's essential quality will help drive the catch-up figure nicely.

Con ?

At time of writing, I have only seen heard or seen one "Davos" byline on the BBC - that of freelance business hackette Katie Hope, writing online. It's probably one identifiable benefit of a Trump inauguration - though time may tell. Director of News James Harding and at least five other Beeboids have been on the delegate/presenter list for the last two years.

Is it possible James will  turn up in Trumpton during the week ? Is the magic of Davos gone forever ? This, from Newsnight's Policy Editor, suggests it may be
1630 Monday update: Have found another BBC online writer with a Davos byline - but he's not happy..

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Parade grounds

The administrative staff of headhunters Odgers and Berndtson will be standing by for a rush, or otherwise, from around Tuesday lunchtime.

Applicants to join Sir David Clementi as non-executives on the pioneering BBC (unitary) Board have until Friday to hand in their cvs. The more anxious will be taking the opportunity to judge 'affable' David as he appears in front of the Culture Select Committee at 1030 on Tuesday for his chairman's 'confirmation' interview.

Any suggestions that applications made before the appearance get an extra shortlisting point or two would be dreadful, wouldn't they ?


These videos could be the saviour of BBC3.

Not quite as shiny

2017's new Saturday big guns were all off the top in the second week - but The Voice moved to top spot.

                      Last week              This week
The Voice      5.95m (26.9%)      5.48m (26.0%)
Let It Shine   6.25m (29.9%)      5.31m (26.7%)
Taboo            4.79m (22.9%)      4.05m (20.4%)

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Prize fight

I'm feeling nervous, and I've got nothing to do with it.

Panorama is letting John Sweeney loose on Donald Trump on Monday.

Their most recent encounter, for Newsnight back in March last year, was billed "Donald Trump's links to the Mob" - go to 4.55 for the interview bit: "Again, John maybe you're thick...".

The Trump Organisation published most of the unaired interview on YouTube -"based on John Sweeney's lousy reputation, we are airing large parts of the interview that were not shown - enjoy!" Go to 15.04 for the Trump walk-out, and audible sighs of frustration from one of John's production team.

More data

And some more figures for Good Morning Britain, from Friday. 661k average, 18.2% share. Which compares with 1.71m for BBC Breakfast - whopping 42.9% share.

Also from Friday, ITV's version of News At Ten 2.04m (11.3% share) - two million or so switched elsewhere after the Tina & Bobby (Moore) drama. The BBC News at Ten: 4.56m (25.2% share).

Friday, January 13, 2017

On stage

Congratulations to BBC tv HR Director Jabbar Sardar (£180k pa). He tops 2016 (hitting Number 19 in the list of Most Influential HR Practitioners produced by HR Magazine, a drop of 12 places on his ranking under his previous employer) by finding time to host the 2017 HRD summit at the Birmingham Convention Centre over two days at the end of this month. One presumes the host was chosen by the Advisory Board, which features Jabbar as a member.

(As we've noted, one key speaker is Valerie Hughes D'Aeth, BBC HR Director, and Number 2 in the 2016 list of Most Influential HR Practitioners produced by HR Magazine)

Where will Jabbar end up in financial year 2017/18 ?  That's when BBC Studios, which will take the majority of BBC tv production staff, starts as a commercial operation - and when Charlotte Moore, as Director of Content, will have a much smaller operation, largely commissioners and sport ?

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