Monday, May 16, 2022

From frying pan ?

One of the many City University graduates in the engine rooms of our new news channels, Amelia Harper, has left GB News for Talk TV. 

Amelia completed her course in 2019, and after a spell on radio news with Global, joined GB News in May last year as East of England reporter, and had recently moved to reading bulletins. Since May 1st, she's described herself as "freelance News Correspondent for TalkTV", working to The News Desk, presented by Tom Newton-Dunn.  She's now specialising in the WagathaChristie trial. 


Quietly, the BBC is preparing to spend less on orchestras. It commissioned a report by cultural consultancy BOP, which it has published almost in full. However, Section 8 "What next for classical music in the UK ?" is missing. 

The report was commissioned by departing BBC Content mandarin Patrick Holland, with support from Rachel Jupp (who has quietly moved from Panorama to be Editorial Lead, BBC Content) and Alan Davey of Radio 3. 

Rachel's summary of the report has an elegance that Sir Humphrey would be proud of: "We wanted to understand how we can strengthen and sharpen our focus to deliver value for our audiences while supporting a rich and thriving classical sector, with the resources we have."...."any changes need to be sensitive to the rest of a competitive sector and need to deliver value with the BBC’s limited resources"...."By refining our purpose and focusing on work around partnerships, excellence, education and engagement, representation and innovation - we hope to boost the role we play in the classical sector and make sure that great classical music is for everyone. "


Those who have followed the stratospheric career path of former Beeboid Tim Luckhurst might like this article in Durham University's student organ, The Palatinate.

It notes that the Professor's Wikipedia page (and other pages where Mr Luckhurst has connections) features the work of a contributor called Gutterbluid. It's old Scots slang for ‘low born’, used to describe someone from the Scottish border town of Peebles. Coincidentally, Mr Luckhurst went to Peebles High School. 

Sunday, May 15, 2022


Remarkable year-on-year improvement for the Eurovision Song Contest on BBC1. This year's four and a bit hours averaged 8.9m; last year it was 7.4m. 

With what the BBC has learned about remote tv through lockdown, I can see a BBC/UA: Pershyi co-production coming in 2023. 

Usual suspects

The Lords Communication and Digital Committee continues its quest for fresh thinking on future funding of the BBC on Tuesday. 

Witnesses are former BBC DG Greg Dyke, 74, former ITV Chairman Archie Norman, 68, Andrew Neil of The Spectator, 72, and uber-tv-presence Peter Bazalgette, 68. 

The BBC team up for a grilling the following Tuesday are Tim Davie, Richard Sharp and Director of Policy Clare Sumner. 

Fighting over scraps

 A younger GB News presenter has caught the spirit of competitive braggadocio about small audience figures. 

"Every show on Talk TV".  

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Shopping round the corner

After a year without convenience, MediaCityUK will welcome the arrival of a Co-op store at the end of this month. Up-market supermarket Booths gave up the struggle during lockdown, after operating on the site since 2011. 

"In addition to selling groceries, the shop will offer customers a range of added services including John Lewis parcel collection and return, Amazon and DPD parcel collection, Deliveroo, a free ATM, and click and collect for groceries bought through Co-op’s online shop. In addition, the store will feature Co-op’s own-brand Ever Ground coffee dispenser, a bakery, hot food, Yo Sushi and freshly baked pizza.

"The MediaCity Co-op will also offer a recycle unit for ‘soft plastics’ such as crisp packets, bread bags, lids from ready meals and yogurt pots, biscuit wrappers, and pet food pouches. There will also be a free water refill station where shoppers can fill up their own water bottles."

Friday, May 13, 2022

Splitting the audience

GB News' monthly reach, as measured by BARB, has fallen from 2.6m in March, to 2.1m in April. TalkTV, which only launched on 25th April, scored a monthly reach for April of 1.5m. 


Is it possible that moles are working in BBC recruitment, with a view to destroying the organisation's ability to communicate in plain English ?

Job Introduction

Show me the data and I shall bring great clarity and interpretation to bear! Said no-one I have ever met – yet. But we would love to meet the individual that brings that level of insight to the decision making that drives our vision as one of the most creative and influential content producers on the planet. We need such a confident, expert mindset here at BBC Studios.

Why might it be of interest?

If your wings feel clipped and your insightful voice is simply not being heard loudly enough then maybe your talents aren’t being appreciated? Maybe you would thrive in an environment where you will be  called upon constantly to steer the thinking and approach on projects? A place where the room goes quiet when you share your thoughts and observations.

So whilst you won’t get your own driver or a dedicated top floor office with retina scanning entry  – you will get the opportunity to work within a fascinating sector with people that share a vision to stimulate and excite audiences across the UK and beyond. Not many places can claim that.

Just maybe you are ready to take on  a reporting line and direct stakeholder relationships in an organisation where Data Analytics is truly consulted and where data informs big decisions. A place like BBC Studios.

What’s the role

This is a new role that has emerged through expansion of the growing team. You’ll be able to make a real difference to your colleagues professional development and environment through practical leadership initiatives and freedom to create new structures for the team!


In a packed programme

Former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, former Sex Pistol John Lydon. former talent show judge Louis Walsh, and Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren...last night's line-up for Piers Morgan Uncensored. In Play Your Cards Right style, shout 'higher' or 'lower' if you think it'll beat the previous day's average audience of 44k. 

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