Thursday, July 30, 2020

Resurgence ?

Getting useful facts out of this Government is getting harder. 

According to the most recent report by the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre (24th July), there were, at that date, 329 patients receiving critical care for covid-19. In the four weeks to 15th July, an average of 4 new patients a week were coming in. In the week 15th - 22nd July there were 16; the area with the biggest increase was the North East and Yorkshire. 

No-one has nailed the story that Chris Whitty moved the closedown of Spain on the basis of ten UK cases. He should be made to say how they were discovered, what areas of Spain they had come from, what age they were, and how serious their infection. If the Government know that, why shouldn't we ?

Meanwhile BBC network news bulletins have yet to bring us news from Wrexham, where 70 people with Covid-19 are in hospital. Are they young or old, on ventilators or not ?  

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