Thursday, July 30, 2020

Me, You and the Machine

So, as we were just talking about Tim Davie's Executive preferences, it's reported that Matthew Postgate, currently styled BBC Chief Technology and Product Officer (£310k pa), is leaving in August. It all seems a bit quick - only on Monday was Matt blogging about machine learning, with no hint of of distraction from the task ahead.

He may be remembered for the creation of the Design & Engineering Division (in 2015) Project Mango (?), and trying to kill the Red Button. Someone tweeting as a D&E Mouse has a Private Eye-style tribute. 

So. Farewell then
Matthew Postgate.

You have not passed on
But you have
Passed on by

We will miss the
Zoom chats.

And now we might
Never find out
What that thing on the wall

(with mousey apologies to Thribb)

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