Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Tune out

The boast of the radio streaming app TuneIn was that it offered over 120,000 live radio stations. From the end of August, it'll have to re-calculate, as the BBC has decided to pull its networks from the service in the UK.

The hardball side of BBC Distribution, under thought-leader Kieran Clifton, has already pulled BBC podcasts from the Google podcast app. This latest move, on TuneIn, doesn't affect podcasts, but argues that TuneIn doesn't supply back to the BBC the data it wants about UK listeners that choose BBC output via the TuneIn app.

TuneIn, headquartered in San Francisco claims 75m listeners a month across 197 countries, and is used on many 'connected' devices like Alexa, Google and Cortana. Presumably, if those users still want the BBC, they'll now have to download, yes, you've guessed it, BBC Sounds....

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