Monday, August 12, 2019

4 thoughts

Busy days ahead for Mohit Bakaya at Radio 4.  Who told radio critic Melanie McDonagh that the network was looking for someone other than Lauren Laverne to present Desert Island Discs ?  Was it cleared with Big 6Music Fan James Purnell ?

Who will be the long-term host of Any Questions ?  How long will the summer-break-team of Shaun Ley and Ritulah Shah last ?  Who's going to front the News Quiz ?

Of bigger interest to Radio 4 producers is the tenders for new programmes about food and the media. The slots currently occupied by The Food Programme and The Media Show are up for grabs for one year-contracts, with the possibility of a further two years, at £7520 and £4700 per show respectively. If in-house loses both, it's down over £600k in yearly income....

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