Thursday, July 12, 2018

More bloomin' reports

Nuggets from BBC Worldwide, in its last annual report before it formally became BBC Studios:

The company made nearly £26m over the year on 'foreign exchange cash flow hedges'. That didn't quite cover a £28m loss on exchange differences when translating money back from foreign operations.

Worldwide's headcount fell by 189,to 1523. Total Director pay went up from £1,094,000 to £1,147,00; but the company total spend on salaries, National Insurance and pensions, etc fell from £144m to £124m.

BBC America posted a 13th year of increased audience figures in prime time (but we're not told more detail than that).  However returns to Worldwide from the joint venture fell from £14.3m to £12.3m. Overall, Worldwide operations outside the UK generated 65.2% of the Group's Headline sales in 2018 (2017: 67.9%).

Returns from Worldwide's half-share in UKTV were down, from £33.8m to £23.5m.

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