Thursday, July 12, 2018

Express yourself

As BBC News presenters get used to the feeling of being part of a Job Family in a Career Path Framework, with Salary Bands and All That Transparent Stuff, more indications that, in future, vacancies will not be filled by cosy chats over an open sandwich, pie, pint, or dry white wine.

The Director of News, Controller of Radio 4 and Controller of Daily Programmes have invited 'expressions of interest' in becoming Chief Presenter PM. You have til July 17th to throw your hat in the ring. Newsroom hacks are pretty certain they know enough likely names to start a sweepstake.

'Twas never like this for William Hardcastle, Steve Race, Joan Bakewell, Brian Widlake, Robert Williams, Susannah Simons,Valerie Singleton, Gordon Clough, Frank Partridge, Libby Fawbert, Chris Lowe, Nigel Wrench, Hugh Sykes, and myriad others.

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