Thursday, July 12, 2018

Big numbers

ITV's strategy/luck in the selection of World Cup games was rewarded with a match average audience of 24.43m in the overnight ratings. That includes those who may have perversely been watching on +1.

Only 652k stayed with Room 101 on BBC1 at 9pm. Today at Wimbledon fared little better on BBC2, with 745k.  24 Hours in A&E on C4 scored 1.14m

  • Another in our occasional sightings of Newsnight figures shows an average audience of 419k last night (the Love Island impact ?). Earlier in the day, the Victoria Derbyshire programme, between 9 and 11am, brought 140k viewers to BBC2 - it was also available on the News Channel, for which I don't have figures. 


  1. In the early days of Newsnight some wag suggested that the viewing figures were so low that it would be cheaper to turn off the transmitters and post each of their viewers a VHS. Now we have the Internet to solve this problem.

  2. Same applies to The Victoria Derbyshire Show irrespective of how many Beeb channels they put it on simultaneously


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