Thursday, July 12, 2018

More detail

As well as publishing the Annual Report yesterday, the BBC updated its list of senior staff. So we welcome Catherine Hearn, as HR Director, Resourcing &Talent (probably responsible for the ads that provide so much fun - salary so far undisclosed), and Wendy Aslett, now Head of HR for Nations & Regions, on £160k.

(There is some variance between the website, and the Annual Report, which features Peter Farrell, Head of Legal, and Isabel Begg, Head of Commercial and Business Development for Radio & Education, both on the £150k band).

Still no published salary for Executive Board member Kerris Bright, who joined from Virgin Media last month.

On the exes front, we note two nights in the Altis Grand, Lison for the DG (Eurovision Song Contest and a Eurovision meeting) at a total of £569.73, and a couple of nights in Reykjav√≠k, at £549.96. 

Radio and Education Director James Purnell stayed for three nights in Dinah's Garden Hotel, Palo Alto, at a tasty £1081.16.  It was for 'education and digital stakeholder meetings'. The flight tickets, taking in Seattle as well, totalled £3343.21.

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