Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Yale Mail

After Dacre, Martin Clarke, editor of Mail Online, is being kicked upstairs to the title 'publisher'. And the new editor of the website that still specialises in celebrities with K in their monickers is a Classics graduate from Yale.

Noah Benjamin Kotch, 43, went to Chapel Hill School in North Carolina, where he edited the school newspaper, and got into a row with the principal about including a regular column on Beverley Hills 90210, a teen tv drama series. At Yale, he studied Latin and Greek (cum laude) and edited the Yale Daily News.

His first proper job was with CNN in Atlanta; two years later he joined ABC in New York, writing and producing on a number of shows. In 2008, he moved to NBC's Today as a senior producer, and caught some flak for dropping an item on children's books with an interview with Snooki, from the US reality show, Jersey Shore.

From 2013, he went all new media, joining data-mining news site Vocativ as Chief Content Officer; a six month spell as Director of Video at the Washington Post was followed by a move to Louise Mensch's wacky Heat Street site, now defunct. It got Kotch into the Murdoch Empire, and since June last year, he's been Editor of digital content for Fox News.

Earlier this year, FOXNews.com beat CNN.com in page views for the first time. Comscore gave it 1.43 billion multi-platform total views in January, outperforming CNN.com by 21 million views.

  • Expect moves soon for your favourite blogger, who overnight ticked up to 2,000,409 all-time page views. Over a mere eight years. 

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