Tuesday, June 19, 2018

That's what I meant

Now we have the full version of James Purnell's speech about radio audiences, though not yet checked against delivery (to an invited audience at Broadcasting House for an EBU conference on Truth and Power). Here's the context for ' I don't care about share'.

"I care about audience figures. We want audiences to love our programmes. We want to attract audiences who don’t use us. We want young people to spend more time with us.

"But I don’t care about share. I don’t care about beating Global, Bauer or Wireless in the RAJARs. I don’t care because it’s the wrong measure - if the number of people listening to radio fell, then one of us could win the share battle while we all lost the war. Rather than focus on how big our slice of the pie is, we should grow its overall size, we should get more people listening to radio and podcasts. 

"Because the real challenge is from streamers and the best response is for us to collaborate on the future of British audio. So we want to work with our competitors and regulator to change fast enough to help guarantee that future."

In changes from the version supplied to the Telegraph, 'we care about the future of British audio' has been replaced by the more collaborative line above. Elsewhere in the speech, 'young black audiences' has become 'young diverse audiences'.

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