Friday, April 6, 2018

Silent running

The BBC is claiming commercial confidentiality in response to a request to reveal details of the case for getting out of Caversham Park, home to BBC Monitoring and Radio Berkshire.

The inquirer gently pointed out some consequential costs - new premises for Radio Berkshire, ongoing cost of space at super-expensive Broadcasting House for the rump Monitoring operation, new kit and new satellite links - but the BBC's not talking.

The only titbit ? "Annual savings, net of costs, arising from the relocation are anticipated to be in the region of £1.2m per annum. We anticipate that sales proceeds from the Caversham site will more than meet expected one-off costs, meaning any amortisation will not adversely affect the overall savings from the move."

At just £1.2m, others might have hung on to the real estate a little longer.

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  1. Or at least hang onto the freehold, as the Beeb did when it sold TVC - another case of flogging off the family silver (at a loss).


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