Monday, November 5, 2012

Some plan's better than others....

I'm not sure if Pick TV (the old Sky 3) has a named controller. But it must be rather galling to Stuart Murphy that his investments in commissioned programmes for Sky 1 are largely matched in audience share by the rag-bag of old shows that make up Pick TV. Both hover around 0.8/0.9% share, with Pick TV more recently in pole position.

Pick TV has the benefit of comments sent on from an unofficial, but well-informed Facebook page, ("showcaseing [sic] the best of Sky tv") with this recent exhortation to viewers:  If you was the Controller of PICK TV wot would you do and change to make it better. (Tell use you'r View's to this Comment).  The host goes on ... .

We be loseing right's to Star Trek at end of this mouth to Syfy UK. 

We alway's looking into HD vision of PICK TV at them moment No plan's.

We have passed all you'r comment's on thanks. Keep the comment's coming.

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