Monday, October 12, 2020

Two penn'orth

As we move towards tonight's Government announcements, can I make a plea for proportionality and perspective in the coverage, and FEWER INSTANT VOX POPS.  I feel I've heard from every independent coffee shop owner and independent pub landlord north of Luton in the last month, and get their pain.  

Let's report first on the problem. Let's look at who is in intensive care with coronavirus now in, say, Liverpool or Nottingham, and why. Let's compare it with the numbers hospitalised for serious flu or pneumonia, and maybe traffic accidents. Let's ask for a breakdown of how, when and where current ICU patients caught covid. 

Let's take a cold, independent look at the likelihood of whatever the Government comes up with actually working. Let's compare it with the actions being taken by our neighbours in Europe and the USA.  

If hospitality sectors are the main focus, let's remind viewers and listeners of their contribution to employment and the economy, and talk to some of the big chains.

If there is to be a ban on overnight stays in some areas, can we use local and regional reporters rather than 'embed' the hand-waving, finger-jabbing national reporters standing in the dark in front of the traditional icons of the Pier Head and the Tyne Bridge - this could be a long haul.

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