Thursday, September 3, 2020

Over providing ?

BBC News may be shedding jobs, but BBC Global News Ltd is still recruiting. They need a Content Producer based in New York - presumably to correct the country's democratic deficit - working for BBC Reel, a section of 

"The role involves commissioning and producing original video with the goal of growing the global reach and reputation of BBC Reel on and off-platform. The ideal candidate will coordinate production from idea generation up to publication and promotion, have a flair for new and innovative digital and social video formats, and be enthusiastic about discovering upcoming and diverse video talent. "

BBC Global News Ltd is part of Tim Davie's old empire. BBC Reel, funded by advertising, started in 2018. BBC Ideas, funded by our licence fees, started in 2018. 

Missions: BBC Reel will introduce you to a new idea, concept, place or person that will expand your mind, teach you something new or change how you see the world.

BBC Ideas: Do you have a curious mind? You’re in the right place. Our aim on BBC Ideas is to feed your curiosity, to open your mind to new perspectives, and to leave you that little bit smarter.  

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