Monday, June 29, 2020

And they're off

A professional start for Times Radio. Radio 4½, you might say.

No ads, but plenty of trails for shows still to come. Sport from a bloke from TalkSport. Business from a bloke from the Times (no explanation of IFS or CBER). Haven't spotted any travel news or weather. Very little audio squelching, with only Times editor John Witherow going a bit 'Torchy' in a rather 'in' conversation with Stephen Abell.

Searing insights ? Not many. Stephen and Aasmah professed not to know that 'hard rain' is a phrase coined by Bob Dylan in 1963. Seventeen minutes of Boris burble just after the 8am bulletin.  "A billion pounds for schools" unchallenged; in 2017, the NAO said £6.7bn was needed to put the fabric of  the UK's schools into good nick, never mind improving.  "Steps in Leicester" mentioned by Mr Johnson without either presenter (or producer) probing further. 

There's a 'competitions' page on their website, with no competitions as yet. No sign of a puzzle, thank gawd.

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