Monday, January 13, 2020

My word

BBC Studios are looking for a Director, Digital Strategy and Business Development. The ad is a 1300-word cascade of marketing-speak at the same reading level as The Harvard Law Review, according to The Writer's Readability Index. The Gunning Fog index score is 17.7. Under Gunning Fog, any score above 12 is too hard for people to read; Time and Newsweek average 11.

Here are some tophole bits and split infinitives from the Role Responsibilities

Translate the business objectives of the Brand teams into strategies that over-deliver on their needs, often on small budgets.

Prospect innovative marketing and media partnerships that have the potential to  materially transform our reach, grow audiences in key target segments or provide commercial upside.

Be an internal and external ‘go-to’ expert for AVOD monetisation and oversee paid media budgets across all global franchise brands.

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