Thursday, October 11, 2018

Progress ?

Yesterday's review of 'efficiency' at the BBC ran to 37 pages, but is noticeably light on detail in at least one area. Here's all we get about the tendering of network radio shows...

"Under the new Charter, the BBC must also secure competition for at least 60% of relevant radio programming time by 31st December 2022 (relevant radio programmes refers to all network radio programmes except news programmes and repeats). We are making good progress in reaching this milestone; this has involved significant organisational change to deliver. So far the BBC has announced plans to compete titles such as Annie Mac and Dance Anthems on Radio 1, Vanessa Feltz on Radio 2, and The Danny Baker Show on 5live."

Apart from the dreadful use of "compete" as a transitive verb, this paragraph provides no measure of progress. Four shows out to tender across ten networks four years away from the deadline doesn't read like 'good progress'; the absence of a percentage suggests they'd rather keep quiet about it. Meanwhile, at Content (TV to you and me), COO Richard Dawkins is doggedly plodding on with tendering of long-runners. 

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