Thursday, July 5, 2018

Poop deck

News of some possibly-uncomfortable rejigging at the top of BBC News. Fran Unsworth has told staff that the hunt for the missing yoof audience must be stepped up. (Was it James Harding who closed the Newsbeat web operation ?)

There's to be a new Editorial Director, "shaping future editorial strategy and story focus; commissioning new formats and story-telling; and maintaining editorial links across the BBC." (I'll proof-read the ad later). This sounds like the conscience of the operation, a role held in the old days by Mark Damazer and Richard Ayre.

Current Mobile and Online Controller, Fiona Campbell, shifts to Digital Director, responsible for digital and younger audiences strategy, innovation and partnerships. Her old post merges with Controller Daily News Programmes (held by Gavin Allen) and Controller News Channels (Jon Zilkha) to be replaced by a single Head of News Output. Unless one of them gets the Editorial Director gig, there could be a casualty.

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