Thursday, July 5, 2018

L plate

BBC News is recruiting an Editorial Director, who, in the crystalline transparency of the Hughes D'Aeth Career Path Framework, will be paid at Band L for Leader.

"As the Editorial Director you will lead on the audience facing editorial strategy of BBC News in the UK [is there a separate editorial strategy which is not 'audience facing' ?]. In particular to ensure that BBC News meets its audience objectives of reaching a broader audience by identifying long term editorial trends and working with programme teams to deliver changes. [missing a subject and a verb].  You will have budget responsibility for editorial commissioning and projects, development of new formats and ways of story-telling, driving innovative thought, supporting and challenging teams to create fresh approaches where there is clear audience need. [Is it you driving the innovative thought or your budget ?]

You will "maintain a global view of programme output. In particular, to understand the importance of different platforms for different audiences and ensure that none are neglected."  Is that the platforms or the audiences ? I suspect an number of platforms might get neglected as BBC News seeks further savings of £80m.

The shortlist might be tricky - there's a Rooney rule to follow, and the Donalda MacKinnon plea that senior manager shortlists be gender balanced.

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