Sunday, July 1, 2018


I think we can now safely assume the salary re-negotiation didn't go well. Eddie Mair, on somewhere between £300k and £349k as presenter of PM on Radio 4, is leaving the BBC.

“I’m going to miss the PM team, and Tony Hall’s after shave. I realise the BBC will close down without me and there will be a run on the pound but I can’t stay in an organisation that refused to let me host Songs of Praise. I bought a jacket and everything", he was allowed to write in the press release.

There's a hint in one tweet today that he has somewhere else to go.

On an action-packed Sunday afternoon for the BBC Press Office, Jeremy Vine has also announced he's leaving Points of View, after ten years as presenter. This may help Jezzer put a braver face on his forthcoming salary reduction - last year it stood at between £700k and £749k. I'm guessing half that next year.

And in a money-saving move, there'll be no successor at POV. "In order to refresh the series and allow more time for audience feedback the show will no longer be presenter led." A full-blown, value-for-money triumph for re-invention, eh ?

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  1. Obviously difficult these days to find POV presenters with sufficient 'Mr Smug' persona - it had been easy considering past incumbent, but gethings harder recently.


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