Saturday, June 2, 2018

Whodunnit ? No-one !

Around six weeks to go to the publication of the BBC Annual Report, with its associated update on top pay - so no wonder there's a little scurrying around going on. The list of those on over £150k will have shrunk, as actors on long-term deals move to the relative privacy currently afforded by BBC Studios (unless Damian Collins gets his way). And some deals will not have been done in time - so there'll be two narratives, one printed, and one professed by Lord Hall and Sir David Clementi.

Meanwhile, the BBC has been answering more questions from Damian Collin's Select Committee about the use of Personal Services Companies. Entertainingly, it can't find any direct reference to the decision to shift presenters to these vehicles at Board level, despite having "retained most of the minutes of its Executive Board and Committee meetings from the period under review (1998 — 2012)".  Thorough archive and registry work, there. And "we can find no evidence of an identified individual 'decision maker' who was responsible for the PSC policy". Quelle surprise !

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