Sunday, June 10, 2018

Big data

This week's speech in Birmingham by BBC DG Lord Hall contained this nugget: "If you were to ask me about the one thing I want to crack, as soon as possible, it’s getting more female and BAME representation in our senior management - right at the top of the organisation."

In the last BBC 'Equality Information Report", with survey data from March 2017, women made up  42.1% of the so-called Leadership Team, against a 2020 target of 50%;  the BAME figure was 10.3%, against a 2020 target of 15%. But, by division, the figures for BAME are really uneven. In the World Service Group, they represented more than a third of the total leadership team; in the Nations & Regions, it's a rather pathetic 2.1%. 

The March 2017 saw a big surge towards the 2020 targets; it was the first time there had been an active survey, rather than trawling the data from HR records. I don't know what process has been used this year, but it sounds like another big surge is unlikely.

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