Thursday, April 19, 2018

Still Dan

The High Court will hear more from Dan Johnson, BBC reporter, at 1030 this morning. His witness statement - spookily 22 pages, just like Sir Clff's - has more of a flavour of Candide, than say, Bernstein and Woodward. He guessed that the police were investigating the pop singer in a conversation with an unnamed contact, I'm guessing in a pub, because he'd heard rumours.

He describes standing outside the Sunningdale apartment block from 8am, with a satellite truck, a helicopter in the air, an engineer, a cameraman, three producers and two other reporters, waiting to deliver his scoop, while back at base the BBC was largely failing to contact Sir Cliff or someone from his management prepared to make a comment about the police search. It was five hours before the 'b******s' let him on air to tell his tale, about a search, not a crime

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