Wednesday, March 21, 2018

You will be deploying

Yep, just time for a quick BBC job ad before lunch. Here's one for a "Data Scientist - BBC News, Audience Engagement". The pitch from the employer has a certain sense of fun about it, if a shaky command of English.

"What is great about working at the BBC?

"Well... Whatever you do, it has a massive impact.

"BBC News is read or watched every day by 80% of the Brits. So deploying any data product, means deploying to an unprecedented scale.

"And you will be deploying.

"This team is all about applied science. We launched first personalised recommender system to 100% of BBC Mundo (one of world service sites) page within 7 months since data scientist number 1 joined.

"This is just a start. Check it out yourself on an example article.

"You will be working with new technologies in terms of digital product, experimentation, machine learning and data infrastructure. We need to stay relevant to all audiences and compete with Netflix. That is the core of the challenge.

"You will be encouraged innovation. I will let hackathons, collaboration with academia and Newslabs speak for themselves.

"You will be working for good. We are facilitating and leading the discussion about public service algorithm, actively designing our machines with reinvented cost function that cares about BBC values.

"Working in a flexible and diverse environment. We respect people, celebrate our diversity and do our best. Hours and place are not the key to our success, it is you and your wellbeing.

"And occasionally you might be asked by an embarrassingly popular journalist do a quick voice over or an interview to practice your inner performer!"

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