Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Look. BBC expenses are really being driven down. So it's harder to find conspicuous consumption. Still, it's sometimes worth looking through the latest disclosures - we now have two quarters released in one go.

Director of Radio and Education James Purnell managed a night in the four-star Abode Hotel in Manchester, at £175, and two nights in a unnamed hotel in an unnamed place back last April for £458. BBC guidelines of March 2016 set a limit of £138 for bed and breakfast, for all ranks.

We're not all as organised as each other. Mr Robert Shennan, Director of Radio & Music, had to claim £82.10 for a rail ticket a year ago. "Mislaid original ticket".

We're pleased to see Rhodri Talfan Davies, Director BBC Cymru Wales, continue his development with a two night trip to Silicon Valley.

Head of Newsgathering Jonathan Munro spent £755.88 on three nights in the four-star Lexington Hotel, New York.

In declarations of interest, we find that Donalda MacKinnon, Director of BBC Scotland, is UNPAID company secretary of hubby's Café Gandolfi Ltd and Gandolfi Fish Ltd


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  2. Re Purnell’s hotel costs. The figure of £138 a night applies to London hotels only. The rate is less in the provinces. I did an analysis of management expenses for an NUJ exercise a couple of years ago. It was clear that senior managers don’t need to comply with the expense constraints levied on the toilers in the vineyarfd. Expense guidelines were ignored on many occasions.


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