Thursday, March 29, 2018


Some stats grim and not-so-grim extracted from the BBC's Annual Plan for 2018/19

"Our most recent estimates suggest that 16-34s spent similar amounts of time with BBC One, ITV and Netflix a week – around two hours a week for each. 16-24s spend more time with Netflix than all of BBC TV (including iPlayer). Similarly, for the first time, in October-December 2017 we estimate 15- 34s listened more to streaming music services than all BBC Radio (5 hrs vs. 4 hrs 30 mins a week)"

"Under-35s especially are spending less time with BBC News and this problem is particularly acute in less affluent socio-demographics. While women consume around 10% less BBC News from traditional sources than men, they consume around 50% less than men on BBC News Online."

"The BBC is the nation’s favourite sports broadcaster. Last year, without some of the biggest-hitting events, we accounted for around 3% of the sport broadcast on TV and delivered 36% of total viewing."

"All in all, in 2017/18 we will have delivered almost £240m of annual recurring savings. This coming year, we are projecting our recurring savings total to rise to around £400m – an increase of more than £160m and another significant step towards our target of £700m by 2021/22."

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