Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Follow the money

The BBC's Annual Plan for 2018/19 includes budget forecasts, which are interesting to compare with 2017/18, the first time Auntie produced this sort of document publicly.

Total service spend on content for tv goes up, from £1,611m to £1,717 - a handy 6.5% rise. £27m has been set aside for the new BBC Scotland channel; BBC1 goes up by £79m; BBC2 down by £15m. Content spend for S4C falls by £3m, to £22m.

Total service spend on content for radio goes down, from £480m to £471m. BBC Local Radio in England, where editors have been set free by the DG to set new styles, falls from £117m to £108m. Radio 1 and 1Xtra are up £7m, to £50m. Radio 2 is down from £52m to £51m; that may just be by re-adjusting a few top salaries.

Spend on online and digital services will fall from £215m in 2017/18, to £196m in 2018/19.

BBC News and Parliament's joint content budget is unchanged at £50m.

The Orchestras and Proms are up £2m, at £28m.

Development spend is up by £10m, to £60m. It looks like Auntie is borrowing more money; financing costs rise from £59m in 2017/18 to £68m in 2018/19.

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