Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cob on

There's must be a secret rota for this sort of thing. It's Birmingham's turn to bait the BBC, with an open letter from the editors of the Birmingham Post and the Birmingham Mail (both Trinity Mirror) to Lord Hall, his Lord Lieutenant of England, Peter Salmon, and the fair-but-firm Rona Fairhead.

After reviewing various BBC responses to their campaign for more of the licence fee to be spent in the city, they've restated two questions...

What – precisely – are you going to do to ensure the BBC returns to Midlands licence-payers a level of investment in the region that is more in proportion to the money you take from them? 

To what extent do the activities you signal move the spend per licence payer from £80 million, as it was last year, to £470 million, which it would have been if you invested in the Midlands as you do the other UK regions?

In March, nattily-dressed Post editor Stacey Reeves (a bloke)(Cockshut Hill School and Solihull College of Technology) showed David Cameron round his newsroom, and secured a front page.

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