Thursday, December 1, 2022

Bless you

Bishop Rhodri Talfan Davies and his Suffragan Jason Horton stuck strictly to the message on the tablets in front of MPs on the Culture Select Committee, and should now be made to 'listen again' with coaches.  

The Bishop said there would be no significant change to his proposals to suck funding from local radio in England, despite being warned by some on the committee that such a position meant there was no 'meaningful consultation' on the cuts. Jace made the mistake of defending "We Are England", proudly recalling he'd personally turned it round, before Rhodri got the MPs message of 'shambles' and said 'mistakes were made'. 

Other MPs picked up on Rhodri's use of the word 'local' to mean whatever he wanted to mean, and noted that this was yet another session in which BBC executives promised 'more for less'. 

"Maybe with hindsight we should have talked DCMS through these proposals", said Rhodri, in a rare moment of contrition. He also revealed a metric - his ambition with Digital First is for his services to reach 50% of the communities they serve each week. No MP was smart enough to ask for the current weekly reach. 

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