Wednesday, June 22, 2022


Scene: Riverside House, Ofcom HQ - a fortnight ago. 

Melanie: "Nice job on the BBC, Kevin. Now, what shall we lead on ?"

Kevin: "Thanks, Mel. The complaints thing is very strong."

Melanie: "Mmm.  It's not the number of people who've actually complained, is it ?  It's a survey, asking people about have they ever thought of complaining...aren't surveys a bit tricky to lead on ? Wasn't that the rule at the BBC, Kev ?"

Kevin: "It's the best top line - One in nine."

Melanie: "Anything qualitative, rather than quantitative ? I mean, how many were just upset about wall-to-wall Prince Philip"

Kevin: "The qualitative stuff that matters, it's this bit - 'most of those do not actually make a complaint, with many telling us it would not make a difference or be taken seriously'.

Melanie: "OK, but this phrase - '11% of adults had cause to complain about the BBC in the last year.' - isn't 'cause' a bit strong ?  Can be read as justification, can't it ?"

Kevin: "It's gone to the printers"

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