Saturday, June 4, 2022

Boos news

 "Royal fans jeer and boo at Prime Minister Boris Johnson" Reuters

"Boris Johnson was booed as he arrived at St. Paul's Cathedral on Friday for the queen's Platinum Jubilee celebration." CBS News 

"Boris Johnson booed as Sadiq Khan cheered upon arrival at Jubilee Service"  GB News

"The Prime Minister @BorisJohnson arriving with wife Carrie at St Paul’s Cathedral for the Platinum Thanksgiving Service is booed by some in the crowd"  Tweet from BBC presenter Victoria Derbyshire

"The Prime Minister had arrived with his wife to a mixed reception", BBC Royal Correspondent Nicholas Witchell, 6pm bulletin

"There were far, far more cheers, but that doesn’t make a good headline does it. " Nadine Dorries, Secretary of State, DCMS, tweeting at 6.37pm yesterday.

Responses to the woman in charge of regulating UK media:

"The facts are, and I was there, the boos were very loud indeed. No escaping that. Reporters are there to report. Not make stuff up."  Chris Ship, ITV News

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