Wednesday, June 9, 2021


Ofcom's annual detailed review of online activity is a good read - though not perhaps for the BBC.

There are brilliant figures for use of, and trust in, BBC information on Covid, but elsewhere the picture is mixed. This chart uses Comscore data, and purports to show a decline in the general position of BBC sites in the firmament of the web.


There's a caveat below the chart: Note: Does not include TV set and smart speaker use. A methodology change in data collection for BBC sites may explain their year-on-year decrease.  There's a similar caveat on a following chart, which says average daily minutes on BBC sites has fallen from 5 minutes in 2018 to below 4 in 2020.

Other bits and bobs: BBC Bitesize is the most popular formal learning site/education app amongst adults - presumably parents logging in to help their children. It's the most popular online desktop service for 13-17 year-olds, but is beaten in the 6-12 year-old group by Hegarty Maths and Times Tables Rock Stars.

Podcast advertising revenues in the UK grew 42% to £33m. (How much is the BBC spending on them ?)  That forms part of the £1.3bn revenues made from audio, mostly from music subscriptions. 

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