Thursday, June 10, 2021


My suspicion that GB News wants critics to go easy because they're plucky tryers grows apace, re-inforced by a Press Gazette interview with output boss John McAndrew. 

“Just the sheer amount of interest that surrounds our small but exciting operation leads us to believe that we might be on to something.”

“We’re all mucking in and everyone’s doing their bit. None of us have seen much of our families and I know I could do with a bit more sleep, but we’re having a lot of fun trying to do something new really.”

“The studio set-up is looking terrific, the rehearsals are really good and very different in the style of programming. Clearly, with new technology and training producers who haven’t worked with it before we’ve got a lot to learn, I wouldn’t hide from that. I’m sure we’ll have our glitches, but you know, we’re a start-up here"

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