Tuesday, April 6, 2021


I'd love to see the audience research that's making the BBC invest so much in Paddy McGuinness. After Top Gear, Comic Relief, Catchpoint and Big Night In, this weekend he hosts I Can See Your Voice, running over the next eight Saturdays. Like The Masked Singer, it's a Korean tv format, from back in 2015. 

Because of Covid, the crew make up the real audience, sweetened by additional post-production. Paddy, who made his name as Peter Kay's foil, isn't great without a whooping and cheering crowd. Panellist Jimmy Carr's annoying laugh will be hard to mask over 55 minutes per show - and, one suspects, Amanda Holden and Alison Hammond will be either trying too hard, or just trying. All in all, it'll make What's My Line look like The Brains Trust.         

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