Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Enforcement issues

It's a good job the reporters and sub-editors of Mail Online are not subject to Ofcom.  Today's story on BBC licence fee enforcement takes a number of liberties, including a stock, posed photo of a person at the door of an elderly woman. 

The headline talks about 'bully boys'.  All but one of their case histories consist of the elderly receiving letters about the licence fee. In just one, the allegation is that someone from Capita came to a house, not photographed: "Another elderly dementia sufferer reported enforcement agents twice turning up at her home." The only subsequent reference talks about one visit - "Just weeks later an agent turned up at her door."

It's possible that this was a visit to a new address, and Capita genuinely didn't know the age of the occupant. The woman's son says he sent in a notice of  "Removal of Implied Rights of Access", which Capita would normally comply with. But we don't know when this happened - Tim Davie and others have promised that no agents will visit over-75s on their doorsteps without an appointment. 

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