Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Better adding up

If there are advertisers of products and services out there worrying about penetrating that hard-to-reach demographic of former Newsnight senior managers, then you've landed on the right blog, and I look forward to handling your business. 

Here's an updated list of people who reported on matters economic on Newsnight - never in abeyance.

From the programme's debut in 1980, Peter Hobday was in the presenting/reporter mix to deliver business and economics stories
Will Hutton 1982-1988 Economics Editor
Graham Ingham 1988-96 was billed as Economics Correspondent, but worked more widely than just Newsnight
Gordon Brewer 1993-96 covered business and some economics, as well as presenting
Evan Davis 1997 - 2001
Stephanie Flanders 2002 - 2008
Paul Mason 2008 - 2013.
Duncan Weldon 2014 - 15
Helen Thomas 2016 - 2021, with Ben Chu covering maternity leave in 2020. 

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