Thursday, January 28, 2021

Remapping BBC Local Radio

Beyond exciting news from the world of BBC Local Radio. Key points: All existing Senior News Editors will be remapped to the role of Executive Editor from the Content Job Family.   Assistant Editors to be remapped to the Content Job Family and become Executive Producers. Our plan is to remap the Senior Journalists, Community to the Content Job Family. Every station will have a Senior Journalist Team Manager. There are to be two new Portfolio Partners. 

While you digest that in all its stark clarity, please note that, because of the places that managers have taken voluntary redundancy, there are vacancies for Executive Editors to run two stations at once (presumably because, in the words of the slogan, they 'love [both places] where they live.'}

So there's a job at  Cumbria/Lancashire (95 miles between HQs, 1 hour 45 mins by car) Tees/York (48 miles, 1 hour) Nottingham/Lincolnshire (39 miles, 53 minutes) Stoke/Shropshire (37 miles, 1 hour) and Gloucestershire/Wiltshire (35 miles, 45 minutes). 

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