Thursday, September 3, 2020

Not far off

So, I mostly got Tim Davie's new smaller executive committee right. I missed some titles, and Kerris Bright keeping her seat. 

Tim Davie  👍
Charlotte Moore - Chief Content Officer 👍
Fran Unsworth - Director News and Current Affairs 👍
Kerris Bright - Chief Customer Officer 
Bob Shennan  - Group Managing Director 👍
Ken MacQuarrie - Director of Nations & Regions 👍
Gautam Rangarajan - Group Director, Strategy and Performance 👍
Glyn Isherwood - Chief Operating Officer (interim) 👍
Tom Fussell - CEO BBC Studios (interim) 👍
Vacancy - Group Director, Corporate Affairs
June Sarpong - Director, Creative Diversity 👍 

"What does it all mean, Bill ?", I hear you call.

The Director of Radio & Education, James Purnell, will either have to report to Charlotte Moore, or leave. I think he'll try to stay - he'd be hard pressed to pick up a similar salary elsewhere. Normally this sort of move would have radio traditionalists in a flutter, with Gillian Reynolds appearing on PM and the like to mark the end of the world. I think it'll pass without much fuss.  

It's a snub for John Shield, the current Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs. The Proms wasn't handled very well. 

As to the vacancies, female candidates will clearly have an edge. 

More as it reaches us.....

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