Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Problem counting the numbers

Thanks heavens the BBC was there in numbers for the Iowa caucuses - how on earth otherwise would they have filled the overnight air-time ?

On site we have Emily Maitlis, David Grossman, Jon Sopel, Katty Kay, Christian Fraser, Nick Bryant, Gary O'Donoghue, Chris Buckler, Anthony Zurcher, Samantha Granville, Marianna Brady, Zhaoyin Feng, Haley Thomas, Paul Danahar, Angelica Maria Casas, Dan McAdam, and a bloke from the BBC Persian Service. There's a few US new networks that might raise eyebrows at that size of on-the-ground team.

Your sleepless blogger particularly enjoyed the 15 minutes from 0400 - a marathon example of speakak, chewing over only one fact - the result was delayed.

Either the impending financial crisis only hits News on March 31st, or BBC World has taken a hefty slice of advertising we don't see from the $60m spend in Iowa by Democratic Party leadership contenders.

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