Friday, February 14, 2020

Performance indicators

Many thanks to the person within the BBC who knows how to put minutes, etc, onto the website.

There's bits and bobs to consider in the October notes from the BBC Board. In the aftermath of Naga Munchetty speaking her mind about Donald Trump's tweets on BBC Breakfast, the focus is on the process and culture that found her first to be at fault, and then cleared by the intervention of DG. 

"The issue had highlighted the need to look at what lessons could be learned about the complaints
process and Chris Banatvala, an independent media consultant, had been asked to review the process, reporting to the Editorial Guidelines and Standards Committee.  It was noted that the issue had also exposed questions about the BBC’s culture that needed to be addressed."

[Chris was formerly Director of Standards at OFCOM and is a member of The Sky News Board]

There is mention of pay grievances, but no sense of the impending storms facing the BBC - no hint that Samira Ahmed's case might be coming to court.

And there's a sense of scrabbling around for answers on how to get more 'love' from licence-fee payers.

"The Board received a presentation on research that defined how audiences derive value from the BBC. This showed that the perception of value among audiences was a driver of trust and love for the BBC, along with views on the licence fee.... Overall there was a challenge in terms of value with younger audiences, but declines were also being seen in older audiences too.

"To address these challenges, it was noted that detailed insight was being developed into priority areas, with divisions being supported by data to help them unlock more value from the BBC’s portfolio. A set of performance indicators had been developed, aligned to the drivers, and draft targets for 20/21 were in development."

Good luck with that.

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