Thursday, February 13, 2020

Burns off early

More deck-clearing by the Government. Alongside yesterday's confirmation that Melanie Dawes will be the new CEO of Ofcom, the current chair, Lord Burns, known in previous existences as 'Teflon Terry' will depart before the end of the year. That's one short of his four-year contract.

He'll be 76 next month. Amongst his many sage reports for Government was a two-year look at the governance of the BBC, starting in 2003. It reported in 2005, and recommended both the end of the BBC Governors (accepted) and the creation of a Public Service Broadcasting Commission (biffed).

Meanwhile, we've noted before that Melanie's husband is former Telegraph scribe Benedict Brogan. One hopes they're Mel and Benny at home. Benny met twice with Boris when he was London Mayor; in 2013, they dined with Tony Gallagher at trendy Islington's Moro; in 2014, the topic of their meeting was withheld under S38 of the Freedom of Information Act.

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