Saturday, January 11, 2020

Yoof news

It's taken a sports reporter, The Telegraph's Sam Wallace, rather than a media hack, to notice the cull of 50 year-old + presenters from Radio 5 Live.

He's found emails from head of sport Barbara Slater to staff, announcing a “monthly Under-35 advisory group to help focus, evolve and … brainstorm new ideas and improve our working culture”. A response from the BBC "“Over the last year, some of our longest serving presenters have chosen to leave of their own accord while we have also refreshed parts of our line-up. We want to appeal to a wide audience but know we have a particular challenge reaching younger people. We have taken steps to address this while continuing to offer the best news and sport journalism.”

In August 2017, James Purnell, Director of Radio & Education, noted that the overall BBC reach among 15-44 year-olds had fallen to 92%. "In my division.... we’ve set ourselves the goal of stopping that decline this year and starting to grow the year after. Every quarter I’ll let you know how that’s going." He hasn't.

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