Monday, December 2, 2019


Around 48% (some 41,000) of the prison population of England & Wales currently have a determinate sentence of over 4 years. Another 13% still have an indeterminate sentence - i.e. life, unless deemed safe to release.

Those convicted of preparation of a terrorist act can expect a sentence between three years and life.

Figures from March show 221 prisoners jailed for terrorist offences, with a further 273 under arrest during the twelve months up to March, many whom will, presumably, move to prison. The police also noted 700 'live' investigations into possible terrorism.

The Conservative Manifesto promises 10,000 more prison places (62% of existing prisons are overcrowded, prison deaths have risen by 20% in a year), and release for those convicted or serious violent or sexual offences (no mention of terrorism) after two-thirds of their sentence has been served, rather that the current 50%.  Mr Johnson, under his own rules on financial commitment, could have promised 10 more prisons as easily as 40 more hospitals.

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