Saturday, April 20, 2019

Top job

BBC Editorial Director Kamal Ahmed seems to be tweaking more than tv running orders. He's created a new department, Digital Current Affairs, and is looking for a News Editor.

"BBC Stories and Digital Current Affairs is part of the newly established department led by Kamal Ahmed.  DCA is at the forefront of attracting new audiences to the BBC.  We both create and curate excellent original journalism.  Our output includes BBC Stories (video, stills and text), Ouch, BBC Trending, and World Hacks.  We are at the forefront of innovating ways of telling stories digitally, part of which means we have to reflect the audiences we serve.

"We’re looking for a News Editor to work primarily on our Stories video output.  If you are an excellent journalist, know how to tell stories, understand social listening and analytics, like collaborating (with everyone), take risks, can inspire a team and have the patience to deal with other internal departments then apply."

For the uninitiated, BBC Stories is born from Titbits magazine: "The doctor wrote a question mark for my child's sex", "Black beauty and the Brazilian butt lift", "I helped test a wonder drug - then I was denied it", "Housemates from Hell - me and my 23-year-old son", etc, etc.

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