Sunday, April 21, 2019

Thinking time

Former BBC executive Roger Mosey gets the cover story in Rupert Murdoch's Sunday Times magazine for "Crisis at the BBC", spread over five pages but thinned with photographs.

Mr Mosey left the BBC in 2013. BBC1's share of the audience in 2013 was 21%; in 2018 it was 21.3%. BBC2 stood at 5.7% in 2013; in 2018 it was 5.8%. Weekly reach for all BBC Radio in December 2013 was 68%; in December last year it was 62%.

At the moment, BBC iPlayer stacks up some 1,500 programmes - constrained by Ofcom; Netflix in the UK offers 5,800, and claims 1,000 are 'original'. Of the 5,800, there are usually 200 or so titles changed in and out per month.  For April, Netflix viewers can enjoy Troy, Fall of A City, the turkey made with BBC funding, and the four series of Men Behaving Badly made for Auntie.

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