Thursday, January 10, 2019

Reactive and organic

Should a short-of-money BBC be producing content that lives almost entirely on social media ?  Is that now, semi-officially, broadcasting ?

I say this prompted by two job ads for a Social Producer and Assistant Social Producer to work on BBC Body Positive. Body Positive had a previous outing on BBC Sport, answering important questions such as "Is social media destroying your self-esteem ?"

Now Factual are taking the lead for another go.  Here's their brief, without comment...

BBC Body Positive is a reinvented initiative that will live primarily on Instagram and
Twitter with a longer-term home on BBC Three online, YouTube and iPlayer. This brief
outlines the ambition for content across these platforms.

Why are we doing this? Why now?
16-21 year-olds are increasingly struggling to break through the surface and noise of
social media while coming to terms with their identity, body image and mental health at
a vulnerable and critical age. BBC Body Positive aims to be the conversational hub that
helps them work through these issues in a way that’s authentic, innovative and
community-led. We’ll be reactive, organic and deliver content to them in the spaces they
already live.

Who are we trying to reach?
16-21 year-olds, with a focus on young women but inclusive of all genders. These young
people live and breathe online, particularly in the social space, which is where our
content will primarily live.

Body Positive will guide them through the issues they face no matter how big or small,
silly or serious. We will curate and deliver advice and information they can trust and be
inspired by, driven by what is important to THEM, from coping with anxiety to working
out what to wear to a first date.

Innovative, risk-taking, bold, honest, authentic, sharable, reflecting the audience, warm,

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