Wednesday, December 5, 2018

CD news

Fans of W1A will remember a tense plot-line when the Head of Diversity and Head of Inclusivity were made to pitch for one job.

Over at reality, the BBC is advertising for a Head of Creative Diversity, but with responsibility for driving a culture of Diversity and Inclusion. The job reports to Director of Content, Charlotte Moore, who wants someone with a programming background, but HR have put in a lot of stuff that points to someone with HR experience. Let's see who wins out...  Here's the main blurb...

At the BBC we want Diversity and Inclusion to be a natural part of what we do, embedded in our culture, and in our commissioning and creative processes. We have made great progress, but there is more to do.

To support this aim, we are introducing the role of Head of Creative Diversity; with the remit of focusing on initiatives related to on-air talent portrayal, commissioning, monitoring and reporting to further strengthen a culture at the BBC of Diversity and Inclusion.

Reporting to the Director of Content, this is an exciting opportunity to champion diversity in the creative community and to work with key industry stakeholders to deliver the BBC’s on-screen diversity ambitions. Working closely alongside the Workforce Diversity & Inclusion team within HR, this role will be a crucial part of the BBC’s ambitious Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

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